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Why Explorer's Inn

December, 2023
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Explorer’s Inn is a Company Brand from PERUVIAN SAFARIS S.A, established in 1975, in the South East of Peru South America, right in the Amazon Basin, which was founded by Dr. Max Ghunter Doering and two more Peruvian partners with the aim of performing safaris like in Africa, but after some years Dr. Ghunter realized that it was far more interesting and desirable for the Peruvian Amazon the fact of preserving its natural wonders, that is why he began developing efforts to contact scientists from over the world to do research in its 105 hectares of property in which nowadays is the National Reserve of Tambopata in the Madre de Dios Department in Peru. Finally he contacted them and the lately organize themselves in what now is RAINFOR (

Since 2008 RAINFOR has been supported by the Andes and Amazon Initiative of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, as well as by funding agencies in the UK (NERC: the AMAZONICA consortium), the EU, and South America. RAINFOR was first established as part of CARBONSINK, the European contribution to the large-scale biosphere-atmosphere experiment in Amazonia (LBA). The European Union also supported training in 2004-2006 (Pan-Amazonia) and fieldwork in 2011-2014 (GeoCarbon). Other contributors include the Max-Planck Institute for Biogeochemisty (co-ordination and fieldwork 2002-2004), the National Geographic Society (US) and Royal Society (UK) (Peru 2001-2003), and Colciencias (2011-2013).
We work closely with other monitoring networks including in Africa (AfriTRON), and world-wide (ForestPlots, TROBIT, GEM) to standardise protocols and advance understanding of forest responses to planetary change.

Explorer’s Inn, developed a pioneer program under the name of “Naturalist Residents”, that gave the opportunity to many graduate and under graduate students in sciences to come and do research from the basic to the most advanced levels on every subject that could help to understand the forest in a deeper way.

In the 70’s Explorer’s Inn was among the most outstanding lodges over the world and it was compared with the Tiger Top of Nepal or the Tree Tops of India that were the very best by that time. In many ways Explorer’s Inn contributed to go further in Eco Tourism in Peru and around the world.

By the year 2014, Dr. Ghunter sold the company to Mr. John O. Garro Montalvo who took the challenge of relaunch the Company with the same purposes and a new logo: The Jaguar Paw locked in a circle by an Ayahuasca vine (The Ayahuasca drink is a link with the Jungle spirits world).
+51 950 186 820 / MON - FRI: 09h00 to 17h00 (GMT-5)

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