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Explorer's Inn - Preisgekrönte Eco-Lodge im Herzen des peruanischen Amazonas

Dezember, 2023
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Preisgekrönte Eco-Lodge im Herzen des peruanischen Amazonas

Als die Lodge 1975 eröffnete war sie eine der ersten in Peru die ihren Gästen ermöglichte den Regenwald hautnah zu erleben; Durch seine Lage im Tambopata Nationalpark bietet die Explorer´s Inn Tambopata Ecolodge bis heute außerordentliche Möglichkeiten die Tierwelt des Amazonas zu erleben. Das Naturschutzgebiet zählt laut Wissenschaftlern zu den artenreichsten Gebieten unserer Erde. Weltrekorde für die größte Vogel- und Schmetterlings- und Libellenvielfalt wurden im Regenwald direkt um die Lodge erzielt.



Unberührter subtropischer Regenwald beherbergt den größten Artenreichtum der Erde

Der Tambopata Nationalpark umfasst 274 690 Hektar Regenwald in der Provinz Madre de Dios im Osten Perus. Darin eingeschlossen ist das ursprüngliche Tambopata Schutzgebiet mit 5 500 Hektar unberührtem subtropischen Regenwald in welchem das Explorer´s Inn erbaut wurde. Forschungen der vergangenen vier Jahrzehnte ergaben, dass dieses Gebiet artenreicher als jeder andere uns bekannte Ort der Erde ist. Im Schutzgebiet leben mehr Vogelarten (600 Arten), mehr Schmetterlingsarten (über 1200 Arten) und andere Tierarten als an jedem anderen Ort seiner Fläche.


Unsere Programme und Aktivitäten

Entdecken Sie die Naturwunder des oberen Amazonas

Ab USD 490.00
3 Tage / 2 Nächte
Riesenotter & Regenwald

Riesenotter & Regenwald

Eine einzigartige Gelegenheit eine Familie Riesenotter und seltene Vögel wie Hornwehrvögel am Cocococha See zu sehen.


Ab USD 490.00
3 Tage / 2 Nächte
Riesenotter und Tierwelt

Riesenotter und Tierwelt

Dies ist eines der umfassendsten Amazonas-Wald-Erlebnisse, um die Riesenotter am Altwassersee Tres Chimbadas zu sehen.


Ab USD 730.00
4 Tage / 3 Nächte
Entdeckungsreise in den peruanischen Dschungel

Entdeckungsreise in den peruanischen Dschungel

Ein Erlebnis, welches Sie mitten in die Welt der Riesenotter an einen der schönsten Amazonas-Altarme des Amazonas, den „Cocococha Lake“ führt.


Ab USD 1320.00
5 Tage / 4 Nächte
Durch die Augen des Dschungels

Durch die Augen des Dschungels

Unser Regenwald birgt einige beeindruckende Naturlandschaften. Besucher sind beeindruckt von den imposanten Ausblicken und der Weltrekord-brechenden Artenvielfalt.


Ab USD 1859.00
7 Tage / 6 Nächte


Eine auf Vogelbeobachtung spezialisierte Führung um ein lohnendes Erlebnis zu gewährleisten und die Sichtungen in dieser tropischen Umgebung zu maximieren.


Ab USD 750.00
In the peruvian amazon


Verbessern Sie Ihre Forschungsfähigkeiten und engagieren Sie sich ehrenamtlich in der ältesten Öko-Lodge Perus



Lesen Sie Erfahrungsberichte uns entdecken Sie was unsere Gäste in der Vergangenheit mi tuns erlebt haben.

Okkie17 (Australia)

Simply fabulous

As part of our Peru experience, we stayed 3 nights at Explorers Inn. It was the highlight of the trip. Our guide was Victor, and he was extremely knowledgeable with an excellent command of the English language. We saw Macaws on the clay lick, giant river otters, monkeys, capybaras, caiman, a ginormous tarantula, lots of interesting birds... too much to mention. The accomodation lodges were beautiful and suited their surroundings. The food was delicious. I’d go back in a heartbeat...

Randy H (USA)

Perfect Amazon Experience

Stayed here for 4 days and nights in Nov 2012, booked through Peru-for-less. The rooms are sparse with no power or fresh water, but jungle temp showers. So if you want luxury, read no more. But if you want to experience the jungle without having to camp this is the place for you. The lodge has power from dark till around 10 and also a full bar with cold drinks. One must hydrate after a full day of adventure. I cannot express in words how much I loved this trip and would return for a full week if I could get back. For the 4 day experience a guide is included in the package and Luis who was my guide did a stand up job. All food is provided at the lodge and you will get to know other travelers while there...

Jan B. (Czech Republic)

Amazing lodge

I have been to many places in Amazonian forest but this has been the best one. The forest around the lodge is amazing and I have never spotted so many animals in such a short time. The guide was professional and we have seen really many animals with him. The manager and all the stuff was extremely helpful with anything we needed. Food: awesome and as much as you want to eat. I really enjoyed dozens of kilometers of hiking trails and the beautiful canopy tower where you can get some fresh air if lucky. Accommodation was alright. If you want some luxurious hotel, hot water and air conditioning don't come here. If on the other hand you prefer nature, animals and staying in real forest this is definitely your place...

bducal (Poland)

Lifetime experience

We had a fantastic time at the Explorer's Inn. Our guide, Luis, was very knowledgeable about the jungle. He showed us so much of flora and fauna in their natural habitat The only thing that worries us, is that the beauty of the rain forests is so quickly destroyed by man. In fact, you can see that devastation during farm visit in a village located near to Explorer’s Inn. The rooms were modest but great for the jungle experience. The food was great...

Lauren C (USA)

Amazing experience

This place was fantastic. Our guide, Jorge, was great and very knowledgeable. We saw lots of animals and bugs and the forest was beautiful. The rustic bungalows (no hot water or electricity) felt like an adventure too. The bugs weren't too bad and the lodge was great for unwinding with your group at the end of the night. They provided rubber boots for walking the jungle and the beds had mosquito nets. The lodge also had a generator to charge camera batteries a few hours a day. There were students and researchers there as well, so the entire environment was educational and projected a great respect for the jungle...

travellingpants2010 (Canada)

Relaxing jungle experience

We did a 4 day/3 night trip and really enjoyed ourselves. The hikes were great and we saw lots of wildlife. The food was amazing and the cabin we had was more than adequate. There were only 2 other people who arrived on the same day we did, so we got really personalised service which I think made a huge difference. Our guide, Listen, knew a TON about jungle flora & fauna and definitely made our trip a learning experience too. I think the 4 days was a really good length of time - and the price compared to the other lodges was great...

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