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This Tour will take you to the most exiting places to capture the best views of each one on a never-ending search for the best day moment, light and angle for every photo you may want to take. For instance the dawn on the magic Tambopata River, the sunset also on the Tambopata River to get the “Ray of light “ effect – ONLY IN TAMBOPATA-

Or the dramatic light changes on the Cocococha Lake against the evergreen forest.

5 Days From:




  • Lodging


Day 1: Lima / Puerto Madero / Tambopata

Includes: Boxed Lunch & Dinner

Our Team will be waiting for you at the Airport in Puerto Maldonado to assist you and take you to the Native Community of Infierno. Through our journey we will do several stops to look for species like the Great Potoo, the Purus Jacamar or the White Throated Jacamar. Once we arrive to the Infierno Port , we will have the chance to spot Oropendola species, tanagers and flight catchers and off course awesome views of the Tambopata River along the road that takes us to the Infierno.

Through our journey in an speed boat we will have the chance to spot river side birds on the Tambopata River like: The Cocoi Heron, the Blue Capped Heron, some parrots and macaws flying and with some luck we could also spot some black skimmers on the sand o some other rare species. Capybaras, side necked turtles and white spectacled caimans that can also be spotted from the river shores.

Arriving to the Lodge, you will receive some useful information about the Lodge facility that will make your stay more pleasant.

After a brief rest, we will do a short introductory walk to search for night species like the haw plover and with some luck the Great Chifrido. Night monkeys like the Musmuky or curious insects like false whipped scorpions, crickets, frogs, toads and big tarantulas among others.

Dinner and lodging.

Day 2: Tambopata

Includes: Breakfast/ Snack/ Lunch / Dinner

We will walk right to Cocococha Lake. This is a 5 ½ Km. walk, that we will try to do the earliest the possible to better spot birds.

Landscape and awesome fauna like, Tamarins, Red Howlers, capuchins among others. At dawn we will be able to spot the Hornet screamer, Hoatzins, Anhingas and several types of Jassanas and King fishers and maybe Araraunas or Scarlet Macaws. If we get lucky we will be able to spot the Agami heron, Palm creepers and the long beaked woodpecker. There are some other bird species at the lake that can join us or the Giant River Otters. After a couple of hours of paddling we will set back to the Lodge and in the trail back we will continue exploring for some new bird species.

We will arrive to the Lodge at around 4 in the afternoon to rest before dinner.

After Dinner if we still have some energy left we will do a boat tour on the river to spot White spectacled caimans with the possibility of spotting some night bird species such as the Nightjars, Potoos or the Tropical Chicharrita.

Day 3: Tambopata

Includes: Breakfast/ Snack/ Lunch / Dinner

This morning we will visit the 42 meters tower with the target of spotting the Canopy birds. Some of the species that can be spotted are the Golden Barbet, Amazonian Pygmy Owl, Purple throated Crow, White Collared Puffbird, Paradise Tanager, Emerald Tanager, Green and Golden Tanager and the opportunity to see macaw, tucans and aracaris species and with extremely good luck the rare Harpy Eagle of more than one meter of height. After this we will return to the Lodge looking for low forest and ground birds. On the way we will be able to see fauna species like the white lipped peccaries.

After a break we will do the path to Laguna Chica (Small Lagoon) we will enter the path with giant trees like the Kapok tress, brasil nut trees or strangle figs and then we will come to the La Torre path. This walk passes through different types of forest, allowing us to see the Blue Throated Guan, the Homer of pale legs, the banded Manakin, the Capped Manakin and many other species.

Day 4: Tambopata

Includes: Breakfast/ Lunch / Dinner

Very early in the morning we will visit the Explorer’s Inn clay lick for Macaws, just 10 minutes away by boat from Explorer’s Inn. At the clay lick we will be able to spot Yellow crowned parrots, orange cheeked parrots, red belied and chesnut fronted macaws, blue headed parrots and sometimes blue and yellow or scarlett macaws.

Through the walk we will search for birds that inhabit the surrounding areas such as bamboo forest, primary forest, high forest and stream areas. Some of the species that can be found are striated anthill, chesnut sparrow, red anthill, white feather trumpeter, blue crowned Motmot, musical anthill.

We will walk to visit the Little Lagoon on foot for 20 minutes from the Lodge, to look for Toucans and Arasaris. We will also have chances to see other species like the Donacobius or the Little Cuckoo.

On the way back we will have chances to spot some Owl species.

Day 5: Tambopata / Puerto Madero / Tambopata

Includes: Breakfast

We will have an early breakfast and then check out the Lodge. Transfer to the Native Community of Infierno by boat and from there to Puerto Maldonado by bus.


  Entrance fee to the National Reserve of Tambopata

All transfer services since you get to Puerto Maldonado



Guiding Services


Triple Classic $1,628 N/A
Double Classic $1,809 N/A
Matrimonial Classic $2,081 N/A
Single Classic $2,209 N/A
Additional day USD
Triple Classic $105 $100
Double Classic $119 $113
Matrimonial Classic $129 $123
Single Classic $139 $132


We recommend visitors bring a small backpack with:

  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Flash light or better a headlight
  • Daypack
  • Cap / wide-brimmed hat
  • Trousers & shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Bathing suit
  • Raincoat / poncho
  • Water bottle
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Insect repellent
  • Certificate of yellow fever vaccine
  • Bills/notes of small amounts
  • Toiletries
  • Walking shoes / boots**
  • Sandals or alternative footwear for use at the lodge
** In the rainy season it is usually necessary to walk in rubber boots / wellies, which are provided by the lodge (up to size 10). During the dry season it may be possible to walk in walking boots.